princehomu said: thats the only reason we eat with you raquel

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the-dave-strider said: that old man is a hero. oh man can we swap creepy gas station guy stories.

Yes, everyone can swap creepy stories with me. I have so many it’s not even funny.

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Whenever I go out to eat with my friends I feel like they always play a game to see if they can steal and/or drink all of my water before I notice.

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I’m getting gas for my car when some asshole fucking whistled at me until I turned to look from the street and I was furious because I can never have peace anywhere. I ended up whispering “oh my gosh is this really happening?” When some old guy was like “don’t worry they were whistling at me.”

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Just doodling a little.

Just doodling a little.

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anarchyandecstasy said: GOD I want. Why do you tease me.

Every once in a while something just clicks and I check on the status of Suikoden VI and feel crushing disappointment when there’s still no news.

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I’m beginning to wonder if we’re ever going to see Suikoden VI.

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One time I was playing capture the flag at an overnighter at LaserQuest and when I grabbed the flag one of my friends tried to block my exit so I screamed “MOVE” and he didn’t move so I forcibly pushed him into a wall only to round the corner and run into a wall myself.

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465 plays


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abster07 said: Art > Math ANYTIME

Agreed! Besides, I probably would have died in that math class.

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