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May I request a drawing of an overly confident Vriska:??

That confidence will cost her.Poor, poor Vriska.
May I request a drawing of an overly confident Vriska:??
That confidence will cost her.
Poor, poor Vriska.
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To my three character requests—I’ll draw them when I get home or by hand if I get the chance!

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Have a Satsuki

Have a Satsuki

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artonelico asked: if there were two guys on the moon and one killed the other with a rock would that be fucked up or what

Were they aliens or people? I’m pretty sure that the moment the helmet busted open someone would explode and THAT would be fucked up and slightly terrifying.

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It’s almost 11 and I’m sitting on tumblr and playing flight rising. Someone send me silly asks or something.

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princehomu said: thats the only reason we eat with you raquel

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the-dave-strider said: that old man is a hero. oh man can we swap creepy gas station guy stories.

Yes, everyone can swap creepy stories with me. I have so many it’s not even funny.

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Whenever I go out to eat with my friends I feel like they always play a game to see if they can steal and/or drink all of my water before I notice.

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I’m getting gas for my car when some asshole fucking whistled at me until I turned to look from the street and I was furious because I can never have peace anywhere. I ended up whispering “oh my gosh is this really happening?” When some old guy was like “don’t worry they were whistling at me.”

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Just doodling a little.

Just doodling a little.

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